A podcast for women who are on a spiritual journey and want to reclaim a vibrant and authentic faith. If you have been hurt by organized religion, find yourself questioning your beliefs or are looking to understand the spiritual side of life this podcast is for you.

Reframing is about aligning your external world with your values and beliefs. 

It's a journey. A life long journey. It requires becoming aware of who you really are and doing the work of bringing your external world into alignment with your inner world. It is a spiritual journey that will bring you to what often feels like that mythical place of authenticity.

If you've experienced that feeling, deep down inside, that there are things in your life that don't fit with who you really are and what you really believe, you are ready to Reframe Your Life. 

Trust yourself.

Get curious and start living truthfully. It's your one and only life. Live it on your terms. If you want to work through reframing your life let's connect!


The Reframe Your Life podcast was created to help you realign your reality to reach your potential.  The first 81 episodes were co-hosted with Jo-Anne Gibson and Sandy Reynolds. Beginning in July 2018, Sandy will be reframing Reframe Your Life. You can expect inspiring guests and conversations that continue exploring the Reframe Your Life model but from a spiritual perspective. 

Each episode of the Reframe Your Life podcast will inspire you with insight into how you can embrace all of your life from the inside out. 

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