Episode 80 | Lara Heacock on Creating a Kinder World


We could all use a little more kindess in our lives. Being busy is a cultural norm that leads many women feeling exhausted and out of control in their lives. Lara Heacock has experienced that unending pressure to do more, be more and have more. And the subsequent burn out that is the inevitable result.

We get it. Jo-Anne has talked previously about how she reframed the word 'busy' to 'full' in her vocabulary. Our language is important and we want to make sure we use it to help us own our lives fully. Lara suggests we stop saying "I don't have time" and get clear by saying, "I didn't make time." Let's take responsibility for the things we have done or not done. And for how we talk about our choices.

Lara shares her story starting with committing to Self-Care Saturday - a weekly commitment to spending time doing things that would help her restore balance in her life. This commitment changed everything for her.

And kindness extends beyond self-care - it involves how we treat each other personally and professionally. Lara works with her corporate clients to help them develop a kinder aproach to how they work together. Imagine being part of a corporate culture where kindness is a value! If you've ever wished you responded with more kindness OR wished you had been treated more kindly this episode will inspire you!

If you are new to Reframe Your Life after you listen to this episode we suggest you listen to Episode 70 - Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care. 

Episode 78 | Reframe Your Spiritual Life

It's our two year anniversary! We want to thank you for being with us on this journey. We had no idea we would be still recording two years later - we weren't sure how it would go but here we are! This journey has taught us a lot. We've been learning just as much as our listeners from the topics and guests we have discussed. And as a result we are also continually reframing our lives. After all Reframing Your Life is not a one time thing.

In this episode, Sandy gets personal about reframing her business to work with women to help them become spiritually aligned in their lives. What does that mean? You'll have to listen to the episode to get the details.

If you have ever experienced a spiritual crisis or if you have spiritual story that needs reframed this episode is for you. A spiritual crisis happens when you experience a drastic change to your meaning system. Maybe you are questioning your purpose in life or your values. Maybe your beliefs have shifted or you are in an identity crisis. Perhaps you are undergoing an awakening to a new or deeper understanding of the world around you. Your dismantling or deconstructing can be very difficult and painful. It's happening externally as you confront some of the systems and ways you have participated in them. It's happening internally as you work through your own anxiety and fears about this shift and the way you have internalized your beliefs.

Sandy is working with women to help them:

  • Explore their values
  • Unpack their beliefs (whether they have shifted, need to be discarded or reclaimed)
  • Establish practices that support you in establishing the connection you desire
  • Get support in navigating the conversations and changes you want to make to live truthfully
  • Test new ways of being

Sign up for Live Truthfully and start reframing your spirituality at a special price to celebrate this new direction. Click on picture for details.

Not ready to take that step? Explore Sandy's recommended reading list for spiritual health.

Start aligning your life to reflect who you really are. And be sure to follow Sandy on Instagram!

Episode 77 | Reframe Your Story - Memoir Writing #3

Memoir writing expert, Patti Hall joins us for our final episode in this three part series on memoir writing. Honestly, we have learned so much from Patti that we feel like she is part of the Reframe Your Life team. This isn't the last time you'll hear her voice!

NOTE: If you haven't listened to the first two episodes you will want to start there. 

In Week One we addressed the barriers we face when it comes to writing our memoir or story. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the episode you can link to it here.

In Week Two we looked at tools to collect our memories and how to draw out themes. We talked about where to start your story and where to end your story. Link to the episode .

And now in this final week: Patti helps us to explore where we are in our writing journey to date. Once you get started you soon begin to uncover some of your personal barriers and challenges in the writing process. It can be an emotional process and you find yourself unearthing all kinds of feelings. It can be easy to back off or avoid those feelings. Working with a writing coach can provide the support and accountability to keep you going.

If you would like to get some of the resources available including a 34 page What's Your Story Memoir workbook sign up for our Memoir Writer's list.  We will also send you a special code for 75% off any of the courses in the Memoir Writing Studio. You will be added to the Patti's memoir writing mailing list at the same time.