Episode 17 | Interview with Deb Bakti - Embrace the Gap!

Our show notes are a little shorter this week, in keeping with a shorter work week!  Our podcast on the other hand is packed with insight. 

One of the driving forces behind this podcast was our own inability to find a podcast that spoke to the challenges of life that women who are a little more established in their work and relationships face. The podcast space for women seemed dominated by women who were just starting out in careers, marriage, family and more. We wanted to have a conversation for women who had a little bit of life experience behind them.

Our guest this week, Deb Bakti, is a friend and colleague who has raised the bar for both of us as she has faced major life challenges. Listen to her story for inspiration in your own life. We have learned from Deb how to shift from victim to creator in our lives. This learning centers on her work with The Empowerment Dynamic.  For more information on this teaching click here.   

We would love to hear your feedback and especially your own stories of how you have faced difficult challenges.  What helped you? 

Thanks for being part of our Life Reframers community and thanks Deb for being such an inspiration and sharing your story with your community.