Episode 18 | Let your creative juices flow!

The women we know seem to either embrace their creativity or see creativity as something other people have. We want to reframe creativity this week by encouraging you to think about your own creative talents. Even though Jo-Anne does everything from making beautiful jewelry to gardening, she still doesn't see herself as creative.

Do you do the same thing? Discount your creativity?

You know the only thing that differentiates a creative person from a non-creative person? One thinks they are creative! Yes, that is it. Somewhere along the way you may have picked up some ideas about what makes a person creative. You put creativity in a box - maybe with labels like 'professional' or 'trained' or 'paid for what they do' on it.  

We talked about creativity being different from being original. Jo-Anne has a beautiful painting in her dining room.  I don't think anyone would question the creative ability of the artist. However, we've all seen a painting of a mountain before. Being creative is about creating not about originality. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. 

What stifles your creativity? We answer the question ourselves on the podcast.

What creative pursuit do you dream of trying?

What changes do you need to make in your life to allow for more creativity?

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Thanks for being part of our Life Reframers community. Put on your most fun outfit today and dance!