Episode 19 | What do you expect? Interview with Brian Reynolds

The question you need to ask, according to our podcast guest this week, is "What do you expect?"  We think it is a pretty important question as well. We've tried to be clear about expectations with our listeners and subscribers to our podcast. You can expect us to bring you thoughtful insights on topics that are relevant to your life.   

Brian Reynolds (Mr. Sandy Reynolds) joins us today to talk about his book on expectations. It was a book he wrote for himself to help him understand disappointment and anger in his own life. We talk about our own frustrations from bank machines without envelopes to parking meters that don't work. We don't get very far most days before we encounter our expectations. Anyone else expect the people they live with to do certain things that never seem to happen?

Read more about Brian's work at his website. If you are interested in getting Brian's book you can get it here.

At Reframe Your Life we use the framework of Reflection - Reality - Realign - Relationships. If you are feeling disappointed, angry or upset, try reflecting on what is happening. Is there an expectation gap that isn't aligning with your reality right now? It might be time to do a little realigning!  Revisit some of our previous podcasts or our website for a refresher.

One of the questions that surfaced after the podcast was, "If you were to write a book to solve a challenge in your life what would the topic be?" Maybe it would be about fear or anxiety or some other area of your life that holds you back. We would love to hear your answer to the question on our face book page. We may actually do a show on the topic!