Episode 16 | You can't do it alone.

Before we upload our podcast each week, we both listen to the edited version of our podcast. When I (Sandy) listened to this week's episode I decided that I want to do a follow up episode in the future.

Let's face it relationships are critical in our lives.  "It takes a village" and "No man (person) is an island" are just two sayings that come to mind immediately when we think about how important people are in our lives. 

In this episode Jo-Anne and I talk about some of the ups and downs in our relationships. We both value friendships and family and make sure to spent time building into those people who are significant to us. In our busy lives we can find ourselves stretched without time for everyone. Thankfully with some friends we can just pick up where we left off while others seem to fade away. Or as we discussed, sometimes we let them fade away rather than being truthful with ourselves that those relationships are no longer working.

Since we recorded this episode, I have heard from 3 people that I had fallen out of touch with in past years. One person reached out on Facebook. I'm never sure how to respond to those 'Hi, we haven't connected in 30 years, how are you?" messages! Technology definitely adds a new spin to relationships. We can keep in touch with people but sometimes it is just so superficial out there in social media land. I think that is another topic to explore in the future!

Our challenge for you this week falls under the area of REALITY.  We recommend you take a good look at the people in your life and consider how healthy those relationships are right now. Do you need to invest more time in certain people? Is there someone who is dragging you down? Do you need to put up some boundaries? The people we spend time with really shape us. Are you being as supportive as you can be to a friend who may need a little extra TLC in this season of life?

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