Episode 23 | Reframe your death: Begin with the end in mind.

This week we interview Tammy Faulds and learn about her work as a 'crossover coach'. This topic might sound like it is really heavy. In fact, you may experience resistance to even listening to this episode. We want to challenge you to get curious about your response and think about why you shut down when you think about this subject. Lisen as we talk candidly about our own fears about death and dying.

We are also cognizant that we are sending a newsletter to a group and that somone receiving it may be dealing with the topic of death and dying right now in their life. We hope that you find some comfort and perhaps guidance in our discussion. Perhaps Tammy would be a good person to reach out to right now. 

There were a few resources we mentioned and we expect this week to be sharing a lot on social media so make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook and join in the conversation. 

Love Liberates

One of the most powerful messages for us, and one that shifted some of our own fears around death, was the idea that 'love liberates'. Watch the video with Maya Angelou here

We also referenced Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine, and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande. 

Learn more about Tammy and her work

Discover more about Crossover Coaching at Tammy's website.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.