Episode 24 | How do you decide?

Decision Making is a topic we have been planning to discuss for months. One way we reframe our lives is by the choices we make. The topic picked up momentum when Sandy started reading How Women Decide by Therese Huston.

We don't discuss the book on the podcast but we have followed a lot of the recommended strategies. In fact, we didn't talk about a topic that often goes together with women and decision making - the role of intuition. We think intuition has a place, but we agree with agree with Huston when she says,

"So if you have an intuition, start your decision making process with it, but be sure to go one step further: Deliberate. Deliberation involves the conscious steps you take to analyze your options, steps you could explain to someone.If you feel as though you have only one option, consider the landscape until you can generate at least one more. Do an Internet search to gather more data; look at the decision in multiples ways. (p.54)"

We encourage you to think or rethink the criteria you use in your decision making.  Here are some thoughts to consider:

Reality:  What is going on right now that is prompting you to make this decision? How is your personality playing into you wanting to make or avoid making a decision?

Realign: Do you get stuck because you believe there are right/wrong or good/bad decisions? Where would you be without that belief?  How about making the best decision you can make right now based on your criteria?

Relationships: What are the people who matter saying to you about this decision? Is anyone pressuring you? Do you need another opinion? Are you ignoring someome because you think their opinion will differ from yours? 

Reflection: Take some time to think about your decision making process. What is something you could add to it that would be helpful?

And please share your thoughts and resources with us on decision making. You can add them to our Instagram posts or on our Facebook page or even email us!