Episode 21 | Feedback helps you grow

Thank you for the feedback you have given us on Reframe Your Life. We are excited to see our audience grow each week. Please continue to give us feedback and to let your friends know about our podcast!

Last we talked about fear.

This week we are talking about a statement that scares many of us: “I have some feedback for you."  We decided to reframe feedback and see it as a positive and transformational tool in our lives.  

When have you received feedback that helped you grow? If you stop and think about it, you will probably see that all feedback has helped you grow. Even if you didn't agree with it, were upset by it or resisted it. The very fact that you engaged with what someone said and spent some time looking for the truth in it would have led you to growth in your life.

We think it is worth considering what good quality feedback is and how can you get more of it in your life? 

Here are a few suggestions from our podcast - listen online to get all our insights!

  1. Be very specific when you give feedback. How can you give someone feedback benefits them.
  2. Be very specific when you ask for feedback. What do you really want to know? What area do you want to focus on in your development?
  3. Disregard surface feedback. Good/Nice/Bad/Best don't really tell you much. When someone tells you your presentation was good, it doesn't really mean much does it? Ask them what is good about it and then you'll have something you can work with!
  4. Ask the right people for feedback. Get feedback from people whose opinion matters to you and who you know really care about your growth.
  5. Be careful about giving feedback in groups. Keep it private when possible.
  6. Choose what feedback you accept. Validate it with someone you trust. Just because someone tells you something doesn't mean you have to agree. 

Remember: Without feedback you don't have an accurate perception of who you are.