Episode 2 | The multiple benefits of exercise

This week we are talking about health and fitness. For some of you, that topic is exciting and for some of you, well, you may find yourself feeling less than enthusiastic about it!  We want to reframe it for you! Our goal in this episode is to inspire you - not to become something you are not, but to consider what changes you can make to become healthier. If you are feeling really satisfied with your health and fitness regime please head over to our Facebook page and share your story with us. We want to learn from your experience!  

Here are some questions to help you Reframe Your Life, specifically around health and fitness: 

  1. What is your reason for exercise? What are the benefits? What is your motivation?
  2. What’s getting in the way of reaching your fitness and health goals?
  3. What would be a good achievable step? What is one thing you can do now? What accountability will help?

Sometimes just ‘putting it out there’ is accountability enough. Post on our Facebook page the one action you are going to take! 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Create your own playlist Sandy’s power song
  • Find an exercise partner
  • Download an app to start running
  • Sign up for a race
  • Keep hydrated
  • Embrace spandex!

During our episode we mentioned a number of resources, below are the links:

  • Running - There are numerous resources online to help you achieve your goal. The first step would be to set your goal, then find a running plan that will help you achieve it. If you would like to run in a group, research to see if there are any local running clubs, groups, harriers in your area. Running with others is great for motivation and accountability!
  • Menopause: Exercising during Menopause and don’t forget, plenty of sleep and keeping hydrated
  • Toronto City Chase 
  • Couch to 5K App  
  • Momentum App 
  • Pocket Yoga App 
  • Spotify App 

Good luck on your fitness journey!

Sandy & Jo-Anne x