Episode 6 | Interview with Karen Scian, a community advocate and trailblazer

One of the goals of this podcast is to create a space for women who have life experience and are still growing and learning. We feel very strongly that there needs to be a conversation for women that covers a variety of topics and interests.  That is why we have covered such a diverse list of topics in our first five episodes. 

We also knew that we wanted to have women on the podcast who inspire us and who we are confident will have something to inspire and teach our Reframers. Our first interview guest easily fills that criteria.  

Karen Scian’s twitter bio reads“Teacher. Columnist. Entrepreneur. Rotarian. Chair of the Waterloo Public Library Board.” When we first met she was also a city councillor.  We are confident that you will enjoy hearing our conversation - we talk widely about a number of topics including politics, humility, travelling and libraries.

If you know an inspiring woman that you think would make a good guest on Reframe Your Life pass her contact info on to us.

You can read Karen’s blog here

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