Episode 9 | Transformational change and resilience

Have you ever wished you could just quit your job, leave everything behind and head for a tropical climate to live? We think it is a fantasy we have all indulged in at some point.  Our guest this week, Jeff Hendler, didn't just fantasize about it!  He left behind a life he had spent almost two decades building and moved to Mexico. He calls it an escape and adventure. Intrigued?

On our podcast we discuss how Jeff reframed his life and what that experience taught him about change, resilience and himself. Jeff is a coach specializing in resilience. Check out his website (link below) and sign up for his podcast and newsletter to learn more about resilience.

Here are some notes from our show including links:

Find out more about Jeff Hendler

A book we can't recommend highly enough for anyone going through a change is Transitions by William Bridges. It is a classic for a reason!

Jeff also talked about The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Group. Include this book in your reading if you want to know more about resolving interpersonal conflicts.

As Jeff said, “change is bloody hard.” It takes resilience and awareness to grow through it. There were a couple of practices that were recommended to help you become more aware. They are:

  1. Establish an evening gratitude practice that includes reflecting on “what went well today
  2. Reach out to people around you and make sure to spend time with people who inspire and encourage you.

There’s even more in this episode. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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