Episode 7 | Choose happiness

In this week's episode, Jo-Anne talked about how bunnies in her yard eating her tulips made her unhappy. We've all had that experience, we work hard on something only to have someone or something or some bunny (sorry couldn't resist!) derail our efforts. 

It makes us wonder: What bunnies are getting in the way of your happiness?

There are so many places to find happiness and there are many places we lose our happiness. One thing we can all agree on having more stuff doesn't make us happy. 

It's good to take some time to reflect on where you find happiness in your life.  

When are you most happy? 

Below are some links to resources we discussed this week. Enjoy reading and viewing them. 

1.  Robert Waldinger on What makes a good life. 
2.  Inside Out - movie trailers (but watch the whole movie some time!) 
3.  10% Happier by Dan Harris
4. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Reframe your life so that you are aligned with your values. When you make choices that are inconsistent with your values, you will feel more stress and less joy in your life. And think about what you are doing when you feel happiest! Find a way to incorporate more of those activities in your life. 

One thing that makes us happy is connecting with our listeners and building a community of women. Please help us spread the word! You can use the hashtag #reframers on social media.