Episode 12 | Season 1 Wraps

Episode 12: A Look Back    

When we started this podcast we had some specific ideas about what we wanted to do. One of our decisions was to create a weekly podcast for women that we would produce in 12 week seasons. We are officially at the end of Season 1.

Creating a podcast has been a highlight of 2016 for both of us. We have learned a lot about technology, about podcasting, about content and about each other. Oh, we’ve also learned that we both use a few words more than we realized - thank goodness for editing!

For our final episode we decided to reflect on the entire process, revisit each of the topics and expand on what we have learned and/or changed as a result of Reframe Your Life. We think that this episode will be a good reminder for you as well.

So what’s next?

We will be back in September with Episode 2. We will be recording a few episodes in the next month and have them edited and ready to post at the beginning of the month. Make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter and our our podcast so you don’t miss it.  

We also have some other ideas on how to really build this community of Life Reframers. We will keep you posted as they become more concrete.

Please send us your comments, ideas for upcoming episodes and let us know how you are Reframing Your Life.  See you in September!