Episode 27 | Are you just bumping along?

We are happy to be back after a two week break. It was part of our plan to have balance in our lives. Sometimes you need to take time away from work and focus on other things - like celebrating the holidays. We hope that you were able to enjoy some down time as well. 

We have been planning our upcoming episodes and have some exciting guests in the next few months. We are looking forward to bringing you some great content on a wide range of topics. Let us know what you are thinking about and if there are any topics you would like to hear us discuss!

In our last newsletter we offered you a balance wheel. Since then we talked more about how helpful that tool has been for our clients and we created our own based on looking at many balance wheels out there! Download it here.  We are going to be touching on each of these topics in the coming weeks as we explore how to Reframe Your Life.