Episode 30 | What would a leader do?

If there was ever a week to focus on leadership it is this week. The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America has created a stir in the hearts of many people to step up and begin to take action to be the change they want to see in this world. In essence, people are acting like leaders in their own spheres of influence. It's a good thing!

The truth is that we didn't plan this week to coincide with current events! We talked weeks ago about the topics we wanted to cover and we both felt that we wanted to encourage our largely female audience to lead their best lives. You'll hear us using that phrase more and more in the next weeks. We want to be a voice that encourages and challenges you to lead your best lives. We want to collectively get outside our comfort zones and create the reality we want to see in this world.

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As Life Reframers we want to be grounded in our values. Our values are a guide for us in our decision making and in our leadership. Some say that the choices we make reflect our true values not our espoused values. Think about how you are making decisions. And we don't mean just the big decisions! If you say you care about the environment and yet you buy cases of plastic water bottles each week you need to consider how you can align your actions with what you say is important.  

Are you acting consistently?  Are you learning and challenging yourself to grow? Are you trusted? Do you live courageously?  

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Enjoy our program this week we are happy to be reframing life and leadership with you. We've got this!