Episode 35 | How the moon can help you thrive with Ezzie Spencer

Last week we talked about coaching and mentoring. One of the things a coach can do is help you deal with the fear and negative thinking that holds you back. We share the same challenges as everyone else with sabotaging self-doubt. We have learned to push through those voices in our head. So, when Sandy heard Ezzie Spencer interviewed  on one of her favourite podcasts, she decided to ignore that 'we are too small to have her on our program' voice. Last fall we reached out to Ezzie and were delighted she agreed to be on our podcast. Since then our audience has been growing and we are excited to introduce her to you.

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Ezzie Spencer is an author, speaker and coach. Her first book will be available this week in Australia and we are excited that she now has a deal with a publisher in North America and it will be available here in 2018. The book is called An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon.

Ezzie trained as a lawyer, went on to work in government, nonprofit and research sectors and earned her PhD in women’s well being and justice after violence. Feeling that something elemental was missing in the intellectual world of law, Ezzie began to explore the correlation she noticed between her feelings and the phases of the moon.

Her concept, Lunar Abundance, marries intellect with intuition and has reaped results for many women. If this sounds a little 'woo-woo' to you, trust us, it isn't. Listen to our podcast this week to find out more about Ezzie and learn how a moon practice can benefit you. 

Find out more about Ezzie Spencer at www.lunarabundance.com

Or follow her on social media at:
Instagram: @lunarabundance
Facebook: @lunarabundance