Episode 60 | What we've learned and implemented from our guests

It's been 60 episodes and during that time we have interviewed 15 guests. What a truly amazing experience it has been. It really is an honour to interview people and learn from them and their stories. On this episode we review lessons learned from some of our guests. We each share what actions we’ve taken as a result. We are all on this journey of living and leading our best lives. It is one thing to learn and gather information, but true leadership lies in taking action. That action could be a shift in mindset, which ultimately impacts our thoughts and our actions, or it could be larger change in the way we live and work. We invite you to join us in your own reflection and revisit some of these episodes.

So here they are in order of our discussion!

Episode 9: Our interview with Jeff Hendler on transitions and resilience.

In this episode, chosen by Sandy, we talk about resilience. How do you view resilience in your life? It's an important topic.

Jeff challenged us to think about two things:

1. How do you view the world?

2. How do you view yourself?

As a result of this episode Sandy did a lot of thinking about how she was dealing with her own story of resilience and strength. It is a very personal conversation that we hope will help anyone struggling with resilience.

Episode 17: Deborah Bakti - Embrace the Gap

Jo-Anne resonated with this interview - especially the idea of slowing down when you are in the midst of a transition. There is a stage between your current reality and your ideal vision of your future often referred to as 'the gap'. Deborah shared the GAAP acronym with us: Growth - Acceptance - Awareness and Perspective as tools for navigating the gap. As Jo-Anne identified, we can be in such a rush to get through it we we don’t embrace the gap and miss out on the growth available to us during that time. A big action Jo-Anne took as a result of this interview was to become a certified facilitator of The Empowerment Dynamic (now renamed the 3 Vital Questions - a guide to work and life). We'll be featuring more on this program in an upcoming episode.

Episode 35 - Ezzie Spencer How the moon can help you thrive

Have you ever wondered about the moon cycles? Lawyer - activist turned lunar abundance coach and author Ezzie Spencer will give you a different perspective on how the moon can be a guide to creating rhythms that bring balance into your life. This topic could easily get really woo-woo but it doesn't! In fact, it becomes quite practical and grounded. Sandy learned, "The moon cycle gives us permission to have rhythms in our life. It helps us to focus on rest and self-care and not just feeling like we should always be going/doing. It keeps us from that all or nothing way we live." And a result she has started tracking the moon and letting it inform her schedule.

Episode 28 - Erin Power: Alter your relationship with food to feel good

We interviewed Erin Power ten months ago. And it continues to be one of our most discussed episodes in conversations with our listeners. Jo-Anne has been friends with Erin since she moved to Canada and has been watching her social media as she developed her business. Erin’s story was that she was a fat, sick, fitness instructor. Jo-Anne shared, "Erin is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. When she shared her story, because I didn’t have any major health issues, I didn’t think I needed to hear the information. But as a result of that episode I have totally changed the way I eat. And changed the way my husband eats! I’ve impacted friends and my trainer, who in turn is passing the info on to his clients. I’m getting coaching around nutrition so I can learn more about what is right for me!"

Episode 54 - Bea Johnson and the Zero Waste Home

If you want to get serious about living sustainably this episode is a must listen. One action Sandy learned from Bea is to have a system in place.If you want to make any change you need to think about how you are going to make that change. From grocery shopping to product choices - it gets easier when you have a system to help support you.

Episode 46 - Steph Jagger - Lift Restraining Device

This episode had so much for those of us who want to reframe our lives! Jo-Anne's reflection on this episode was a reminder not to seek permission or validation of her choices. There will always be critics and there will be those who don't get it. What's important is to embrace the things that you value and pursue them. Jo-Anne shared, "All my life I’ve been focused on achieving. I set the goal and work at it hard. I want to be first. But it’s not just about the goal, it’s also about the experience. Slow down, start listening, be present. Settle the ego."

We had such a rich conversation on this episode. We encourage you to not only listen but go back and re-visit the episodes we reference (links are highlighted). Let us know your favourite guests and who you would like us to interview.

And if anyone can connect us with Arlene Dickinson get in touch! We'd love to have her on the podcast!