Episode 58 | Why Women Need Other Women and Retreats!

If you live in Canada, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. We are especially thankful this week for the company of women. Our female relationships have been an incredible support in our lives. In fact, we think they are so important we include relationships as part of the Reframe Your Life model.

On our episode this week we talk about being intentional about making time to be with other women. Most of us are busy with work and family and we find it difficult to find quality time to spend with other women.

How intentional are you about getting together with other women?

We both have recognized the value of spending time with other women and have made it a priority to schedule it in. Whether it is for a glass of wine or a weekend away, spending time with women is restorative and refreshing. We received feedback from our survey that you would like a retreat so we have planned one! A retreat is generally a strategic, intentional time away from your normal life to focus on something specific. A good rule of thumb is to plan to get away twice a year. You need to make self-care a priority. We all do.

Here's just a few ways you will benefit from our Reframe Your Life Retreat:

1. Connection - You have an opportunity to spend time with other women who are like minded. Whether you come with a friend or alone you will be spending the day in the company of women who have signed up to do the same thing - put their life on hold for a day so they can focus on themselves. You'll find that spending time with women allows you to connect and share your life experiences. You will meet people you wouldn't normally meet.

2. Get support and feedback - Women like to share their stories and experiences. When you are with a group of women you benefit from the wisdom in the room. And they benefit from your experience. It is powerful and empowering to work through challenges or opportunities with other women.

3. Focus and clarity - You get time to reflect and think about what is on your mind. You won't be responsible for meal planning or picking up after anyone mid way through the day. How often you get to sit and think about where your are in your life and what you want to focus on next?

For more details listen to the whole episode and then click here to go to our retreat page.