Episode 64 | Move from being a Victim to being a Creator in Life

Drama is all around us. We live in a world that feeds on it. Try and think of a day when you got together with friends and no one had an interpersonal drama to talk about. It is ubiquitous. What about a day at work that didn’t involve drama with another person. Have you had one of those?

What if we told you there are three questions you could ask yourself to be well on your way to transforming your relationships? What if these questions helped you save time and energy away from drama? How would that be for a life reframe?

You are in luck! Jo-Anne is certified to deliver 3 Vital Questions - The Empowerment Dynamic (TED). A program that brings back vitality and effectiveness to your relationships. You may be familiar with the well known drama triangle. It’s where we get stuck in roles that don’t resolve the issues but perpetuate them. If you’re not, these roles are centered around a Victim mindset where we often play the role of victim, persecutor or rescuer, and sometimes all three!


In this episode Jo-Anne walks us through the questions you need to ask to move from the drama triangle to The Empowerment Dynamic.The central role here is that of creator and you can also help others by being a challenger or a coach. There is a lot of great information in this episode and Jo-Anne was just scratching the surface.

If you want to know more about how TED and the 3 Vital Questions can transform your relationships and your organization contact Jo-Anne at 226-218-8099.

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