Episode 33 | How well do you know us?

We know we get to talk about our thoughts on various topics each week. And while you may know our opinions, do you know who we are? We decided it would be fun to interview each other. This week Jo-Anne is interviewing Sandy and finding out a little bit about her background.

Of course 30 minutes isn't enough time so pay attention to our social media feeds this week for more details. If you have any questions specifically for Sandy feel free to post them on Instagram or Facebook.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture should tell you a lot about Sandy! Give her a photo booth and some probs - don't forget the crown - and she is set!

"I did let other people have a turn, honest." - Sandy 

"I did let other people have a turn, honest." - Sandy 

Here are some of the things that Sandy mentioned in her interview:

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. This book really helped Sandy understand that she is just not wired to do one thing for the rest of her life.  If you are doing any vocational soul searching check it out!

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh  Sandy has read this book almost every summer since she discovered it 20 years ago.  It is over 50 years old and so full of timeless wisdom for women. Be warned you will want to go live in a beach house after reading it.

My Dinner with Andre - Sandy’s favourite movie. Released in 1981 this philosophical conversation between two acquaintances over dinner challenged me to think about life differently.  Plus I love a good conversation and this move is like eavesdropping on a very interesting evening.

Sandy has used Simon Sinek's Start with Why process to determine her why. It is: To encourage others to live truthfully so that we can heal the world. This sums up several thinks about her. At the heart of her work is a desire to encourage people. She values truth and honesty and helps her clients think about their choices and opportunities for growth by getting honest about what they really want. And she believe we are all connected. The healthier we are as individuals the more likely we will be able to bring healing to a divided and hurting world. If you are curious about your why - get in touch with Sandy. She has a special price available for Life Reframers.  

Here is where you can connect with Sandy. Please join her community.

Visit her website. Check it frequently - She is always adding something new. While you are there sign up for her newsletter. 

She loves Instagram and posts frequently.  Twitter is where she drops in to share her opinions And occasionally you will find her on Facebook.  

Thanks for listening!