Episode 32 | Who is in control of your career?

If you can't answer the question with a emphatic "I am!" you are in need of some reframing. This week we talk about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and other career paths.

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur? Does the idea of no commute, setting your own hours and doing what you love appeal to you? This week on Reframe Your Life we share some insight about the mindset of an entrepreneur.

We started by reflecting on entrepreneurs we admire.

Check out some of the people we admire. Click on each name for more information.

Chris Guillbeau  

Danielle LaPorte  

Richard Branson  

Arlene Dickinson 


Before you quit your day job take some time to think about being an entrepreneurs.

Who are entrepreneurs that you admire?

What appeals to you about being an entrepreneur?

Are you an intrapreneur in your organization?

Are you already taking responsibility for your career and development?

Be realistic about it! Building a business takes work!  


We have created a list of qualities that we believe are essential to being a successful entrepreneur. You can download a copy here. Take some time to work through it and think about areas you might want to develop in.


We have created a worksheet to help you reflect on and identify key relationships that can support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Download a copy here.  


Change your mindset. You own your career - no matter who your employer is! Take responsibility for your career and your own development.

And please post your business info on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. We would love to see what you are doing.



Here are some books that have inspired us in our businesses:

The 100 Start Up 

The Desire Map  

Start With Why  

Big Magic

And this podcast has been inspiring as well: Being Boss

And if you are looking for places to meet people who share common interests check out Meet Up