Episode 37 | Five Ways to Increase Your Confidence

There is one area that can make an immense difference in how you feel. It is confidence. Don't you just love it when you feel confident? Our conversation this week will help you find ways to increase your confidence.

But first...

Before you listen to the episode make a note of an area in your life where you would like to feel more confident. Reflect on our ideas and decide on one action you could take to improve your confidence.

Here are the highlights of the 5 ways to increase your confidence: 

Personal Values - To feel confident you not only need to know what you value AND you need to make choices that align with them. When you are not in alignment with your values you feel guilt and shame. Those feelings undermine confidence.Where do you want to make better choices that align with your values?

People - Relationships are key in building confidence. Do you have people that support you? Guide you? Are a sounding board for you? We had a whole episode on relationships coming up but for now start thinking about the people who help you feel confident.

Practice - If you listened to our first episode and compared it to this week's episode you will hear more confidence in our voices.  When we recorded our first episode we were on a steep learning curve. This episode was our 37th and we think it shows! The more you do something, the more confident you will feel.

Practice builds competence.  Competence builds confidence.

What area of our life would you benefit from practicing?  

Pay Attention -  What you experiencing internally and externally when you are lacking in confidence? One area to pay attention to is your internal dialogue. You need to become aware of any negative thoughts you are having that are self-defeating. What about your external environment? How confident can you feel when you are neglecting your physical space? It's hard to feel at the top of your game when you have an obvious coffee stain on your shirt and you can't find your keys in your messy office. Pay attention to the language you use. Do you say, "I'm just an office administrator?" How about reframing those statements? Try, "I'm the gatekeeper for the marketing department. Any one who wants anything needs to go through me."  Good-bye "I'm just an office administrator!" 

Prepare - The more prepared you are in a situaiton, the more confident you will feel. When you walk into any situation already primed with the knowledge you need you will feel more in control and more confident. Being prepared applies in every situation and especially when you feel vulnerable or insecure.  Do some research. Find out what you need to know. You will be surprised how preparation will give you an edge in almost every situation. 

We loved recording this episode. We know what it is like to feel insecure and we also know how to reframe those feelings. 

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