Episode 40 | The Topic We Tried to Avoid with guest Ash Ahern

When we started Reframe Your Life we created a topic list. We decided against the topic of personal finances. We weren’t sure we wanted to go there. It felt like it was too personal and specialized for us to explore. Plus, we didn't really want to talk about our money attitudes.

And then Jo-Anne discovered Ash Ahern. She is an International Speaker, Money Mindset and Fulfillment Coach, and Chief Expansionist at The Expansion Project.

We were curious and invited her to record an episode. We are glad we did! We learned a lot and had a good time talking about money - is that possible?  

Ash shares her story as a struggling entrepreneur in the financial industry to becoming a successful business and life coach on stages in schools, churches, and business seminars, workshops and conferences.

Her message is one of faith, perseverance and surrender. Today she coaches women how to start and grow online businesses and get control of their money story by tapping into their bliss, getting clarity in their vision, ditching the hustle and embracing creative flow, feminine power and self care.

And, she talks about all of the things that we know you need to do to Reframe Your Life. Money, it turns out, isn’t any different from anything else. One of the biggest challenges women face when it comes to personal finances is caring what other people think. We can get trapped in making poor financial decisions and getting honest about our reality.

Listen to our episode this week and find out how your ego may be the one thing holding you back from reframing your financial reality.

Resources mentioned in our program this week include:

Ashleigh Ahern’s website  

How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley  (Note: Jo-Anne and I haven't read this but Ashleigh highly recommends it.)

The Expansion Project