Episode 41 | Jo-Anne Gibson shares the story behind Courage to Lead

Finally the tables have turned. This week Sandy had the opportunity to interview her Reframe Your Life co-host, Jo-Anne Gibson.  She shares her thoughts below:

I thought I knew Jo-Anne but she had some surprises in store for me. She has done some serious reframing! I learned a lot - especially about some of the unique jobs she has taken. That last comment is cryptic on purpose. You will have to listen to find out more.

 In this episode Jo-Anne talks about how she learned to see herself as courageous. When you listen to Jo-Anne each week on our podcast you might assume that she has always been confident and courageous. It takes courage to leave your home land and travel across the world to live. Jo-Anne (with her husband, Ashley) have done that a few times. They initially moved to England and then several years later relocated to Canada. 

Jo shares a lot of things in this episode that will help you face your own challenges.  If you have struggled with fear or been afraid to make the first step, listen to her advice. She is an expert in behaviour change whether it is with individuals or organizations.  She knows it is difficult and that there are ways to facilitate change. She shares some of her strategies with us.

One of the ways Jo-Anne helps people is by working with them to take action once they have committed to a goal. She does this in her own life and works really hard to get results for herself and for her clients. She has done it for me. I've learned if I really want to move forward with something to share it with Jo-Anne. She is excellent at making sure I am really committed. Once she is certain of my commitment she will help me develop strategies, identify barriers, and provide accountability. Couldn't you use someone like that in your life?

One of my favourite quotes from the episode is this one:

You can have knowledge
but if you don't have the courage to lead
it doesn't matter.
Leadership is about taking action.

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