Episode 42 | Five leadership lessons we learned our first year of podcasting

It is our first anniversary. Thank you so much for being part of our amazing and growing community of women listeners. This picture was taken last year at the end of our first season. It's been quite ride. 

Here's some of the lessons we learned along the way:


1. Face your fears. We had to face our fears and put ourselves out there.What will people think? What is we fail? What if no one listens?  There are lots of things that run through your head when you get outside your comfort zone. 

2. You have to start at the start. There is no fast way to learn things. You have to go through the process. Everyone starts somewhere. We were all new once. If you are starting something new - give it time. There is a lot of work at the beginning of an endeavour and a steep learning curve. Be patient with yourself when you are at the start of something. You keep testing, learning and changing as you go.


3. Realign your expectations. We started out very broad addressing women in general. We now see ourselves as speaking to women who want to lead your own life. It takes way more time than you think it will take. We often underestimate how long things will take. How can you be more realistic about time?

4. Create systems and processes to make life easier. We had to develop social media, marketing, guest scheduling systems and processes in place. When you start out you have none of those things in place. We now have episode guides that support our programs and that allows us to be flexible. Systems help with expectations and clarity of communications.


5. Your success in life depends on the strength of your relationships. You need to get to know the people you work, work on communication, know each other's strengths, and support each other. We've learned how to appreciate our strengths and understand how we work in the past year. We also depend on our community. We've been intentional on being consistent so that we can build your trust. 

Thank you so much for being part of our community. We have definitely grown in the past year.  We value your feedback. We would love more of it. Let us know! Send us an email or leave us a review on iTunes.  Say something on Facebook or on Instagram. Thanks!