Episode 46 | Steph Jagger Interview

When Jo-Anne read Unbound she send me a text saying, "We HAVE to get Steph on Reframe Your Life." We were so excited when it worked out not only to have her record this episode but to also go to a book launch dinner party. We had a great evening 

Available on Amazon or your favourite bookseller.

Available on Amazon or your favourite bookseller.

Steph Jagger's story is inspiring in so many ways. One message we loved was that you don't need to be broken to go on a journey or a quest. So many of the stories we hear begin with the ending of something significant - a death, a divorce, a downsizing or a difficulty of some sort. Steph wasn't in a tough place. She was in a place that can be even more difficult to leave in some ways. Life was good. But something clicked in her one day on a chair lift and she knew she needed to follow her intuition and see what it was telling her.

Listen to this episode and send us your comments. We are sure you will find it inspiring.  

Two books Steph mentioned as part of her journey were:

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter - by Sue Monk Kidd


The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer

Enjoy this episode and let us know how it helps you Reframe Your Life!