Episode 50 | Tales and advice from our travel experiences

It's finally here! We are really proud to hit the mark of 50 episodes.

Apparently not many podcasts make it this far. Maybe because it is so hard to see results and to grow your following. We are getting both and we thank you for support.

This week we talk about travel. It was a natural since we both just returned from vacations and were sharing our experiences. Did you know that adults over 50 will take 4 trips per year and rank travel as their number one leisure activity? And boomer women spend nine out of every ten-vacation dollars. (Click here for source).

We definitely like to travel. We discuss our ups and downs in this episode. We share some of the lessons we have learned - especially about travelling with other people. And we share some of our travel tips. We both have learned to reframe line ups and to travel lighter to start.

If you have a trip planned this summer, as part of your planning consider this question, "What will make this trip a success for me?" Once you know the answer, share it with your travel companion(s) and get their response as well. That one conversation will help you create a holiday that is focused on what is really important.

Safe travels!