Episode 49 | Ten quotes that will help you Reframe Your Life

We recorded this week's episode a month ago and we are eager to finally share it with you.


We are coming up to our 50th episode and we are taking some time in a few weeks to work on what is next at Reframe Your Life. We have almost 1000 subscribers and our numbers are going up every month. We know we can improve and get better at what we are doing but we don't want to guess or make assumptions about what our listeners want. We would really appreciate it if you would take time to help us out by completing our survey. Thank you if you have already taken time to complete the survey. The input is helping us know where to focus next. If you haven't completed it yet, PLEASE take a few minutes and give us your opinion. You will find it here

OK...now back to our regular program. In preparation for this episode, we compiled quotes that have motivated us or inspired us in our work. We discuss how we collect quotes and how we use them in our work. It's true that you can easily find inspirational quotes searching on the web - we do that as well. But there are quotes that stick with us and we never need to search for them. They are quotes that we have read or heard that articulated exactly what we needed to think about at that time. The first quote we chose is the one below:

This quote was shared with us after a time where we had been immersed in a learning environment that had been deeply transformative. We were reminded that when we went back to 'the real world', we would see thing differently. The change we experienced could impact the relationships that had seemed so easy and fitting before. It was good preparation and we both go back to it at different times in our lives. If you like that quote, you will love this episode.

We have nine more quotes we love that we share and discuss.

Enjoy and please send us your favourite quotes. Send them by email  or share on Facebook or Instagram.