Episode 53 | How your smartphone can increase your well-being

Keeping current with technology can be a lot of work. And the app store can be overwhelming. How do you know what apps are really good? Ratings and reviews help but we like personal recommendations. We find it helpful to learn from each other and to share what really works for us so we can get the most out of these devices that seem to have taken over so much of our lives.

On our social media episode we talked about the negative side of technology. On this episode we want to reframe technology and talk about how our smartphones are helping us live better lives.

Note: The apps we talk about in this episode are iPhone specific although many of them have android versions

1. Headspace Jo-Anne uses this app each morning to help her become more mindful. There is a free trial available if you are interested in checking it out. The app provides a guided meditation that takes about ten minutes. It helps you to become more calm and centered. Let us know if you try it and what you think. Or if you have a meditation app that works for you!

2. My Medical Sandy has found this app very helpful in tracking all things related to her physical well-being. From the developer's' website: "My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place." You'll never wonder when you had your last mammogram again!

3. Sworkit Jo-Anne recommends this fitness app as a replacement or alternative to going to the gym. There are in-app purchases available and you can sign up for programs to get you the results that you are interested in achieving. It’s like a personal trainer in an app. Fitness apps can be a great option if you are not interested in going to a gym. Fitness Blender is another alternative that Jo-Anne uses.

4. Calm This app is recommended by Sandy. It helps you relax and sleep better. It includes in-app purchases but there are also free options. This one differs from Headspace in that it has more variety including calming music and sleeping stories. It is great if you have anxiety and have trouble falling asleep.

5. Hiking Apps: The health benefits of being in the forest are well documented. We often hike together to talk about our podcast, business and lives. The conversations we have in the woods have nourished our friendship.

The Bruce Trail App This app helps us plan our hikes and promotes us spending time in nature. We recently did a hike on the Bruce Trail and found it challenging to find the trail in a few places. This app kept us from getting too far off the path. For all of our listeners in Ontario we recommend exploring this beautiful trail.

The Great Trail App will have you walking across Canada. It's new this year to celebrate Canada's 150th. Once we finish the Bruce Trail maybe we'll start on the rest of Canada!

All Trails This app will show you trails in your area. Jo-Anne introduced it on this episode and it is really helpful. If you want to hike wherever you are check out this app.

We want to live and lead our best lives. Let's support each other. Share on our Facebook page or on Instagram the apps that you use to increase your well-being. What are the apps you can’t live without? What apps have helped you and how?