Episode 54 | Cea Sunrise Person talks about her life reframe

As adults a lot of us have had to go back to our childhood and do some reframing. We do that by looking back using the lens of an adult and realizing that we had done the only thing we could do as children - processed our experiences as children. For some of us we blamed ourselves for things that happened that were not our fault. As we look at our childhood through the lens of an adult we can reframe our experience differently and for many of us that brings healing. We are no longer victims and can begin to create a new story.

Our guest today had a childhood that was so unconventional it needed reframing! If you think your childhood was different you'll resonate with her story.

Cea Sunrise Person is the author of the best selling books North of Normal and Nearly Normal.

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Today Cea is a successful writer, speaker and writing coach. You can find out more about her at her website where you will also find links to her social media sites. What did we learn from this interview? We learned how important it is to face your fears and not let them paralyze you. And we were also reminded that when we meet someone it is easy to make assumptions about who they are and what they have been through. If you met Cea on the street today it would be easy to assume she has had an easy life. Our stories are powerful and sharing them helps us all to reframe our lives and remember how resilient we can be.