Episode 56 | Do you call yourself a leader?

We started this podcast to continue the conversation with women on how we can live and lead our best lives. We talk about a variety of topics and interview guests that we think demonstrate leadership in their lives.

Do you call yourself as a leader?

Have you ever thought about how you actually define leadership?

In this episode we share our definitions of leadership and some of the ways we have developed as leaders. Leadership means understanding you are the creator of your own life. You don't live like a victim you recognize that you have responsibility and you take accountability for yourself. Leadership is also a function - the role or title you hold whether it is at work or at home.

Here are just a few of the ideas we discuss in this week's episode:

Find the right tools. As a woman in leadership you can elevate your leadership capacity by finding the right tools. Whether it's the right mentor, the right coach, the right reading materials, or the right class or networking capabilities, be open to using the tools at your disposal. Podcasts and courses can also be helpful. Of course, we would say that!

What tools do you need to tap into to grow in your leadership?

Empathy. Being able to put yourself in someone else's place is an important leadership skill. When you are able to understand the different perspectives of people and empathize you will be a more effective leader. There is good news here for women! An in-depth white paper by Caliper states: Women leaders also were found to be more empathetic and flexible, as well as stronger in interpersonal skills than their male counterparts. For many women the challenge is that we let our concern for how others are feeling get in the way of our ability to lead effectively.

Are you balanced in your empathy?

Communication. It is the key to effective leadership, particularly when it comes to communicating across cultures. Get really clear on how you are communicating. We offer you some specifics here on areas that you may want to pay attention to to level up your communication. And that was a clue! Listen to the whole episode for the details.

Where can you improve your communication?

There's a lot more in the episode. From acting with integrity to being authentic. We got personal about our own challenges.

So how are you going to continue growing in you leadership?

Right now, think about your life, what is one area where you would like to really see growth in? If you haven't completed our Balance Wheel it is a great way to take stock. You can download it here

Think about it, what one area would you like to see really improve?

What can you do today to start?

We have one big recommendation for you! If you are able to attend our retreat on November 18th we'll be spending a full day looking at how we can live and lead our best lives. Consider attending. We would love to learn with you.