Episode 70 | Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care

Did you know one of the most used words in 2017 was 'hustle'? We live in a world that values the hustle. Taking time for ourselves feels like slacking off.

On this episode we want to Reframe Self-Care. Here are some reasons that self-care is important:

Self-care prevents burnout

We’ve all been there - you push yourself to the point that you can’t take anymore so you just give up. Self care helps you avoid getting to that point. Self care reduces the negative effects of stress: A small amount of stress can serve a purpose, but after a while, it just breaks down your mind and body. Taking care of yourself means keeping your stress from taking over so you can function at full capacity.

Self-care helps you refocus

When Jo-Anne was stuck on a complicated math problem in school, her teacher would suggest walking away and coming back—taking a break, basically. Breaks are the epitome of self care, and studies show they’re great for helping you perform better.

Self-care is reminding yourself that YOU matter.

It is a way of valuing yourself. Not just a way of getting more done. In other words, self care is not a reward. It’s part of the process. Sometimes we get so used to “rewarding ourselves” with lunch or even a trip to the bathroom, though, that we forget exactly what it means to take care of ourselves.

January can be a difficult month for many people. We need to lighten up the pressure we put on ourselves and show ourselves some love. And show other people some love as well. Tune in to our episode this week for some practical ways you can take care of yourself. And, when you hear someone talking about how unmotivated they feel direct them to our podcast!