Episode 72 | Deborah Senior - Building Your Personal Brand

Introducing our guest:

Deborah Senior is a dynamic talent whose background spans Canada’s leading oil & gas, retail, and marketing sectors including Suncor, Hudson’s Bay, and Nielsen. While her focus is on brand strategy, loyalty programs and consumer research, Deborah’s creativity and expertise lie in her ability to harness the power of effective branding.

Her career, however, started in the non-profit sector. She headed an international youth NGO, Policy Advisor at the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) and is a former Trustee at the Laidlaw Foundation. Throughout all of her roles, her key contribution continues to be incorporating marginalized voices into civic and social structures.


Topics discussed:

Should you blend your personal brand and your professional brand?

What your logo says when you aren't in the room?

What do people say about your business when you aren't in the room?

Social Media:

Your social media posts reflect your values.

Social media doesn't need to be instant. Schedule your posts. Review them before posting. 

Ask: Why am I posting this? What is my intention behind it?


What do you need your website to do? What is the purpose of your website? 

Answer those questions and then do it the best, cleanest, shortest way possible.

Personal Style - Every aspect of your physical identity is branded.

Links mentioned:

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