Episode 74 | Memoir #2: Gathering Stories with Patti M Hall

Last week we addressed the barriers we face when it comes to writing our memoir or story. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the episode you can link to it here.

Once you've had a chance to address those barriers, the next step is to get started. But where do you start? Do you just open up a blank document and start writing the first memory that pops in your mind? Maybe - but after that story is finished then what? What do you do next? Memoir writing expert, Patti Hall has developed an approach that helps her clients not only have a bank of stories to draw on, but also begin to see the themes in that are emerging in their story. We think it is great and she takes us both through the process she uses on this episode. Warning: We get pretty vulnerable about our past!

What story would have to be in your memoir?

Think about what stories were defining moments for you and shaped who you are. Try answering that question and listen to our answers. You'll notice Patti has a gift for drawing out stories. Start making note of what you want to include. We share a few that we think must be in our stories and discover that there is a vulnerability required in this process.

Where would your story start? Where would it end?

This week we get into the initial steps of how to write a memoir timeline and where to start your story. Memoirs are a part of your life not your entire life. If you have read Wild  or Eat Pray Love for example, those stories represent a specific time in the author's lives.

We have a timeline worksheet available to help you get started! Be sure to listen to this week's episode for instructions on how to complete it.