Episode 76 | How does your garden grow with Mary Reynolds

We've been waiting to share this interview with Mary Reynolds with you. She is a Chelsea flower show gold medal winner. Mary has designed gardens internationally for more than 17 years, including commissions in Kew Royal botanical gardens in London as well as occasional stints of garden television presenting for RTE and BBC. Mary calls herself a reformed landscape designer. These days she sees herself as a midwife -birthing what the land wants to become and what the client needs. She is an interpreter.

We recorded this interview during the winter when gardening was far from our minds. We decided to save it for Spring. We know that right about now we are collectively holding our breath waiting for warm weather to really settle in over the Northern Hemisphere so we can throw open our windows and pack away our winter gear until next year. And because Mary lives in Ireland we think releasing it the week of St. Patrick's Day was also very clever!

Talking about gardening might seem like a departure for us but once you listen to Mary you'll realize that this subject is much bigger and deeper than what type of plants you put in your containers. We need to reframe our relationship with the earth from something to own to something to take care of. Mary reminds us to work with the land to allow the light to come through so that it can be healthy and strong. That light is both metaphorical and literal.

Have you ever considered the parallel between the messages we get as women and the way we approach our gardens? Look around your neighbourhood. Are the gardens all cultivated, tame, and pretty? Sit with that for a bit!

A feature length movie based on Mary's true life story was released in 2016. This focuses on the story of Mary's journey to build a gold medal winning garden at the Chelsea flower show. There is a link below to the trailer. The movie will be available on Netflix in the US on April 1st and is available online elsewhere. Mary is also the author of The Garden Awakening – Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves. You can read more about it further down in this email. For more on Mary's work click on her picture below.

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The Garden Awakening - Mary developed her years of listening to the land into a comprehensive and ground – breaking book. Her new approach to garden design is a practical treasure map that leads gardeners into a gentle and healing relationship with the land. This book is a step by step instruction manual drawing on ancient methods of working with the land.

If you want to live and lead your best life you will need the skills of a gardener. Let's get dirty!