Episode 3 | Don't look for a direct path in your career and education!

Hello Life Reframers,

Welcome to Episode 3 where we talk about Education and Careers.  Two topics that many of us continually revisit and reframe in our lives. I'm sure all of us can identify with feeling awkward at some point in our lives when we were asked, "So, what do you do?" 

In this episode we talk about our paths - from crazy jobs we have had, to going back to school later in life (at 50 for Sandy!). One thing we know for sure is that most of us don't end up where we start out or even where we think we are going.  We are always making choices and those choices take us down paths that are full of discovery. 

Sandy shared some books.  Click on the book title for a link to more information.

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher - What's your nectar? Sandy found answering this question helped her reframer what seemed like an inability to stick with anything to a desire to be continually learning. 

The Element by Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica
This book is full of stories of people who have followed their passion and not the status quo to greatness. 

Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer.  Wise advice to listen to yourself and pay attention to what you are drawn to as you pursue vocation. 

And here is a TED Talk worth checking out:

“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” with Ken Robinson

We hope you enjoy this episode. Please let us know what has helped you as you have made choices around education and career on our Facebook page.   

Sandy & Jo-Anne x