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Episode 72 | Deborah Senior - Building Your Personal Brand

Introducing our guest:

Deborah Senior is a dynamic talent whose background spans Canada’s leading oil & gas, retail, and marketing sectors including Suncor, Hudson’s Bay, and Nielsen. While her focus is on brand strategy, loyalty programs and consumer research, Deborah’s creativity and expertise lie in her ability to harness the power of effective branding.

Her career, however, started in the non-profit sector. She headed an international youth NGO, Policy Advisor at the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) and is a former Trustee at the Laidlaw Foundation. Throughout all of her roles, her key contribution continues to be incorporating marginalized voices into civic and social structures.


Topics discussed:

Should you blend your personal brand and your professional brand?

What your logo says when you aren't in the room?

What do people say about your business when you aren't in the room?

Social Media:

Your social media posts reflect your values.

Social media doesn't need to be instant. Schedule your posts. Review them before posting. 

Ask: Why am I posting this? What is my intention behind it?


What do you need your website to do? What is the purpose of your website? 

Answer those questions and then do it the best, cleanest, shortest way possible.

Personal Style - Every aspect of your physical identity is branded.

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Episode 39 | Courtney Carver on the many benefits of living simply

The topics of minimalism, decluttering or living simply are really on trend. They aren't new topics although there appears to be a resurgence of people writing about  the merits of living with less.  For example, Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold over 1.5 million copies and is in its 55th printing. You probably own it! The Minimalist's documentary was the most popular documentary in the US last year and is now available on Netflix.  It seems clear, we are all feeling a need to reframe the stuff in our lives!

We are excited to have one of the most influential people on this topic as a guest on our podcast this week.  

Courtney Carver is an author and speaker who inspires people to find their way back to love by slowing down and simplifying life and work. She created the minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 which was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and Real Simple Magazine. Courtney was featured in the movie Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (now available on Netflix).  

Courtney's health crisis prompted her to look at her life and make some radical choices about how she was living. The results were astonishing. She tells the whole story on our podcast.

She has challenged us and we have both decided to take up the challenge. For the next 3 months Jo-Anne and I have decided to pare down our wardrobes (maybe not to 33 items but as close as we can). We have also decided not to purchase any new items of clothings for 3 months and Sandy isn't going to buy any new books!

We encourage you to listen to this podcast and let us know on Facebook if you are going to join us on this challenge. One of our favourite lines from our interview is: What if you defined success as less?  

We love that idea and we want to reframe success not by what we have and own but as who we are. We agree with Courtney, what makes a person interesting isn't what they are wearing, it's who they are. 

For more about Courtney, click on her picture above. You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Or search #project333 to see people taking up her challenge.


Episode 33 | How well do you know us?

We know we get to talk about our thoughts on various topics each week. And while you may know our opinions, do you know who we are? We decided it would be fun to interview each other. This week Jo-Anne is interviewing Sandy and finding out a little bit about her background.

Of course 30 minutes isn't enough time so pay attention to our social media feeds this week for more details. If you have any questions specifically for Sandy feel free to post them on Instagram or Facebook.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture should tell you a lot about Sandy! Give her a photo booth and some probs - don't forget the crown - and she is set!

"I did let other people have a turn, honest." - Sandy 

"I did let other people have a turn, honest." - Sandy 

Here are some of the things that Sandy mentioned in her interview:

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. This book really helped Sandy understand that she is just not wired to do one thing for the rest of her life.  If you are doing any vocational soul searching check it out!

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh  Sandy has read this book almost every summer since she discovered it 20 years ago.  It is over 50 years old and so full of timeless wisdom for women. Be warned you will want to go live in a beach house after reading it.

My Dinner with Andre - Sandy’s favourite movie. Released in 1981 this philosophical conversation between two acquaintances over dinner challenged me to think about life differently.  Plus I love a good conversation and this move is like eavesdropping on a very interesting evening.

Sandy has used Simon Sinek's Start with Why process to determine her why. It is: To encourage others to live truthfully so that we can heal the world. This sums up several thinks about her. At the heart of her work is a desire to encourage people. She values truth and honesty and helps her clients think about their choices and opportunities for growth by getting honest about what they really want. And she believe we are all connected. The healthier we are as individuals the more likely we will be able to bring healing to a divided and hurting world. If you are curious about your why - get in touch with Sandy. She has a special price available for Life Reframers.  

Here is where you can connect with Sandy. Please join her community.

Visit her website. Check it frequently - She is always adding something new. While you are there sign up for her newsletter. 

She loves Instagram and posts frequently.  Twitter is where she drops in to share her opinions And occasionally you will find her on Facebook.  

Thanks for listening! 

Episode 18 | Let your creative juices flow!

The women we know seem to either embrace their creativity or see creativity as something other people have. We want to reframe creativity this week by encouraging you to think about your own creative talents. Even though Jo-Anne does everything from making beautiful jewelry to gardening, she still doesn't see herself as creative.

Do you do the same thing? Discount your creativity?

You know the only thing that differentiates a creative person from a non-creative person? One thinks they are creative! Yes, that is it. Somewhere along the way you may have picked up some ideas about what makes a person creative. You put creativity in a box - maybe with labels like 'professional' or 'trained' or 'paid for what they do' on it.  

We talked about creativity being different from being original. Jo-Anne has a beautiful painting in her dining room.  I don't think anyone would question the creative ability of the artist. However, we've all seen a painting of a mountain before. Being creative is about creating not about originality. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. 

What stifles your creativity? We answer the question ourselves on the podcast.

What creative pursuit do you dream of trying?

What changes do you need to make in your life to allow for more creativity?

We would love to have you post some of your creative pursuits on Instagram or our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #lifereframers on Instagram.  

Thanks for being part of our Life Reframers community. Put on your most fun outfit today and dance!