Episode 85 | Healing Spiritual Wounds with Carol Howard Merritt


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Many women have been hurt by religious institutions. It may have come from the views on women, LGBTQ, or your own personal experience within a faith organization. Whether you've left or stayed you have probably needed to reconcile your experience.

I've been following this week's guest on twitter and I was excited when she agreed to be on the podcast. Rev. Carol Howard Merritt is the award-winning author of four books, including Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God after Experiencing a Hurtful Church. She is a frequent contributor to websites, magazines, and journals. She’s a Presbyterian (USA) minister, who has served churches in Cajun Louisiana, Rhode Island, DC, and Appalachia.

Raised as a conservative Christian, Merritt discovered that the traditional religious institutions she grew up in often inflicted great pain and suffering on others. Instead of offering refuge, these institutions have betrayed people’s hearts and souls. Merritt contends that many people leave the church because they have lost trust in the institution, not in God. Healing Spiritual Wounds addresses the church’s dichotomous image—as a safe space and as a dangerous place—and provides a way to restore personal faith and connection to God for those who have been hurt or betrayed by established institutions of faith. Merritt lays out a multistage plan for moving from pain to spiritual rebirth, from recovering theological and emotional shards to recovering communal wholeness.

Sympathetic, understanding, and deeply positive, Healing Spiritual Wounds offers hope and a way to help them heal and reclaim the spiritual joy that can make them whole again. Click on book cover to purchase. Find our more about Carol Howard Merritt at her website. Or follow her on twitter: @carolhoward

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