Episode 44 | The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Before there was the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt there was the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt. 

What the hell are you doing?

Our guest this week has asked that question more than once. She will inspire you to take more risks and live your life with passion.

As a four way amputee Tracy has climbed mountains in Nepal, captained 110 foot tall ships in the Eastern Atlantic and received a bronze medal as a paralympian athlete in alpine skiing and that's just her first 20 years!

Her latest adventure was as a Quest for the Gold Athlete where Tracy competed in world cup regattas across North America and around the world embarking on a Paralympic Sailing Campaign for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil! She was in able-bodied international world cup regattas competitions.

Sandy first met Tracy about twenty years ago when they worked together in learning and development. We were excited to hear that Tracy has taken her story out to the world so more people will be inspired. She has a book coming out in November where she shares her story in detail and teaches you how you can be unstoppable! 

We love the stories that she shares especially about a big risk she took to pursue her dream instead of playing it safe. Was it easy? No. Tracy said there were many nights she lay in bed asking herself, 'What the hell am I doing?"

Have you been there?

When you put yourself in the place where you have put it all on the line you know you are a true Life Reframer!  What is your dream? What is your passion? How can you create the life you want?  

What the hell are you doing?

Click on the picture above to visit Tracy's website. You'll find her links to all her social media accounts there as well. And you can pre-order her book as well. 

Listen to our episode this week. Get inspired and share your stories with us! And if you need help making that dream a reality don't forget to check out Sandy's webinar: Five Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals.